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04/13/08What Should Be In My Mind When I Am Asked About My Belief? SermonEnglish
04/06/08Elements of Despair SermonEnglish
03/30/08Turning Points that Demonstrate True Repentance SermonEnglish
03/24/08Rule Of Justinian I and Second Coucil Of Constantinople Servants MeetingEnglish
03/24/08Sirach And Baruch Servants MeetingEnglish
03/24/08Proverbs, Ecclesiastes & Song Of Songs Servants MeetingEnglish
03/24/08Macabees Servants MeetingEnglish
03/23/08How Did The Father's True Freedom Win The Son Back? SermonEnglish
03/16/08How Should We Approach The Word of God? SermonEnglish
03/11/08Post Chalcedon Era: Abba Dioscorus I To Abba Peter III Servants MeetingEnglish
03/09/08How Do Content People Live? SermonEnglish
03/02/08How do the last temptations work against the virtue? SermonEnglish
02/24/08The Will of God SermonEnglish
02/17/08How Did God Deal with Jonah's Unreasonable Anger? SermonEnglish
02/10/08Wrong Motives in Following Christ SermonEnglish