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11/23/08What Does It Mean To Live As The "Wayside"? SermonEnglish
11/22/08Christ in Leviticus: The Sacrifices - Part 2 Servants MeetingEnglish
11/17/08Epouro - Hymn of Joy – Joyful tune SS: 5th & 6th GrdCoptic
11/16/08The 4 Conditions Needed To Bear Fruits SermonEnglish
11/12/08Hymn of the Blessing: Ten-ou-osht Hymn ClassCoptic
11/09/08Why Does The Lord Ask Questions? SermonEnglish
11/08/08Christ in Leviticus: The Sacrifices - Part 1 Servants MeetingEnglish
11/08/08Melchizedek: Figure of Christ Servants MeetingEnglish
11/02/08What Can People Not Do For Us SermonEnglish
11/01/08Crisis Intervention Servants MeetingEnglish
11/01/08Adolescence Servants MeetingEnglish
11/01/08Stages of Development and the Effect of Wounds Received in those Stages Servants MeetingEnglish
10/26/08Relevant Questions To The Matter Of Unity SermonEnglish
10/24/08Coptic Lesson 12 Hymn ClassCoptic
10/24/08Coptic Lesson 11 Hymn ClassCoptic