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12/06/20Why do you call Me good? SermonEnglish
11/29/20The dreadful path of apostasy SermonEnglish
11/22/20Growing Among Thorns: Parable of the Wheat and Tares SermonEnglish
11/08/20Being Favored SermonEnglish
11/01/20Meeting Death with Life SermonEnglish
10/25/20How did the Lord Jesus face opposition? SermonEnglish
10/19/20The Dilemma of Social Media Bible StudyEnglish
10/19/20The Dilemma of Social Media Bible StudyEnglish
10/18/20What did the Master see in St. Peter to call him to discipleship? SermonEnglish
10/11/20Faith Implies Taking Risks SermonEnglish
10/04/20The sinful woman: a lesson on maintaining the right focus SermonEnglish
09/20/20When God Conceals SermonEnglish
09/13/20And when all the people heard SermonEnglish
09/06/20Running the Race of Life SermonEnglish
08/23/20Securing a house against division SermonEnglish