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10/06/21Fine Tuning Argument for the Existence of God Servants MeetingEnglish
10/03/21How do I see the lord?​ SermonEnglish
09/26/21Who are the sons of Abraham?​ SermonEnglish
09/19/21Between God's delight and ours! SermonEnglish
09/12/21Responding correctly to rebuke SermonEnglish
09/08/21How to address the issue of not receiving church emails ScheduleEnglish
09/07/21New Addictions Servants MeetingEnglish
09/07/21Losing love in the service Servants MeetingEnglish
09/07/21Restoring Your first Love Servants MeetingEnglish
09/07/212021-2022 Organization Servants MeetingEnglish
09/05/21The plague of the end of time: Cold hearts SermonEnglish
08/22/21Humility SermonEnglish
08/08/21Benefits of Rebuke SermonEnglish
08/03/21St. Mary’s Fast – Revival Schedule 2021 ScheduleEnglish
08/01/21The "Miracle"… Significance and Limitations​ SermonEnglish