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See video05/23/101 Cor Chapter 13H.G. Bishop YoussefBible StudyEnglish
See video03/27/111 Peter Chapter 1H.G. Bishop YoussefBible StudyEnglish
See video12/09/12Acts Chapter 8H.G. Bishop YoussefBible StudyEnglish
See video08/13/10Blessed Are The MeekFr. Abraam KamalSermonEnglish
See video08/17/10Blessed Are The MercifulH.G. Bishop YoussefSermonEnglish
See video08/18/10Blessed Are The PeacemakersFr. Younan LabibSermonEnglish
See video08/12/10Blessed Are Those Who MournFr. Boulos MikhailSermonEnglish
See video08/21/10Blessed Are You Among Women, And Blessed Is The Fruit Of Your WombFr. Younan LabibSermonMultilingual
See video08/13/11EstherFr. Athanasius KaldasSermonMultilingual
See video08/20/09Faith Allows Us To ConquerH.G. Bishop YoussefSermonEnglish
See video08/13/09Faith Guides Us To The Fear Of GodH.G. Bishop SerapionSermonMultilingual
See video08/15/09Faith Helps Us To WaitFr. Younan LabibSermonMultilingual
See video08/14/09Faith Leads Us To ObeyH.G. Bishop SerapionSermonEnglish
See video08/12/09Faith Leads Us To OfferFr. Pishoy WasfySermonEnglish
See video08/11/09Faith Makes Us UnderstandFr. Pishoy WasfySermonEnglish
See video08/17/09Faith Strengthens Our WeaknessesFr. Luke WassefSermonEnglish
See video09/12/07First Epistle Of St. Paul To Timothy Ch. 1H.G. Bishop YoussefBible StudyEnglish
See video09/19/08First Epistle Of St. Paul To Timothy Ch. 2H.G. Bishop YoussefBible StudyEnglish
See video09/26/07First Epistle Of St. Paul To Timothy Ch. 3H.G. Bishop YoussefBible StudyEnglish
See video10/03/07First Epistle Of St. Paul To Timothy Ch. 4H.G. Bishop YoussefBible StudyEnglish