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See video08/14/09Faith Leads Us To ObeyH.G. Bishop SerapionSermonEnglish
See video08/13/09Faith Guides Us To The Fear Of GodH.G. Bishop SerapionSermonMultilingual
See video08/12/09Faith Leads Us To OfferFr. Pishoy WasfySermonEnglish
See video08/11/09Faith Makes Us UnderstandFr. Pishoy WasfySermonEnglish
See video08/05/09Saint Peter Asked Jesus To Command him to Walk On WaterH.G. Bishop BolosBible StudyEnglish
See video04/26/09St. Mary CYC Grand Opening on April 26, 2009 Part 2 of 2St. Mary ServantYouth CenterMultilingual
See video04/26/09St. Mary CYC Grand Opening on April 26, 2009 Part 1 of 2St. Mary ServantYouth CenterMultilingual
See video09/19/08First Epistle Of St. Paul To Timothy Ch. 2H.G. Bishop YoussefBible StudyEnglish
See video08/22/08Spiritual Songs & HymnsSt. Mary YouthFeast ServiceEnglish
See video08/22/08Saint Mary: The Serving LoveFr. Bishoy GeorgeSermonArabic
See video08/21/08The 2008 Evening Feast of Saint MaryService RecordingFeast ServiceMultilingual
See video08/21/08Love Does Not Parade ItselfFr. Serapion GhobrialSermonArabic
See video08/20/08Love Bears All ThingsFr. Mikhail AttiaSermonArabic
See video08/19/08Love Thinks No EvilFr. Athanasius KaldasSermonArabic
See video08/18/08It Is More Blessed To GiveFr. Younan LabibSermonArabic
See video08/18/08Three Necessary Steps To Experience The New LifeFr. Younan LabibSermonEnglish
See video08/16/08Love Among Family MembersFr. Mikhail AttiaSermonArabic
See video08/16/08Love Does Not Seek Its OwnFr. Mikhail AttiaSermonArabic
See video08/15/08Wrong Kinds of LoveFr. Antonios ZekrySermonArabic
See video08/14/08Love Is Not ProvokedFr. Timotheus SolimonSermonMultilingual