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07/09/06Staying Focused SermonEnglish
07/16/06Things To Remember Regarding Offenses SermonEnglish
07/30/06How Time Can Strengthen Our Faith SermonEnglish
08/06/06What Does It Mean To Do Things In Order SermonEnglish
08/13/06Parable Of The Wicked Vinedressers SermonEnglish
08/15/06Ranks of Priesthood SermonEnglish
08/16/06Church Books SermonEnglish
08/17/06Church Fasts SermonEnglish
08/18/06Facing the East SermonEnglish
08/19/06Candles in the Church SermonEnglish
08/20/06I Have Not Come To Call The Righteous SermonEnglish
08/27/06How Did The Lord React To The Blasphemy Against Him SermonEnglish
09/03/06Preparing For His 2nd Coming SermonEnglish
09/10/06What Are The Reasons That Cause Love To Grow Cold SermonEnglish
09/17/06John The Baptist A Model Of Diligence And Seriousness SermonEnglish